Enjoy Your Holiday to Montserrat

When most people hear about vacation destinations such as Montserrat and its surrounding islands, they often picture sun filled beaches and tons of cheap bars and great food. While these are certainly aspects of Montserrat that will always be an attraction to the traveler there is much more to this unique island than just a great time and great food. The mountains are also a beautiful place for hiking and a popular spot for tourist to visit (much like the Vall de Nuria in reality). In this article to going to Montserrat, why not take the time to learn about all the other aspects of this unique island? This article should help give you everything you would need to know about this beautiful destination.

Trip to Montserrat

The first aspect of travel to Montserrat that you will need to know about is the travel options available to you. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and camping locations, and more that offer luxury accommodation. Many of these are located right on the beach. Another aspect of travel to Montserrat that is both relaxing and inexpensive is the use of various planes that fly to different parts of the island. There are regular scheduled flights that land at different times everyday. Finally, if you are interested in a nice way of getting around the island there is a bus service that can pick you up and take you where you want to go.

The second aspect of travel to Montserrat that is useful to know about is the cuisine of the area. While most dishes originate from Spain, the island is also home to dishes from throughout the Mediterranean area. If you have never had a Spanish dish, you should give it a shot! It is by far one of the tastiest cuisines to enjoy. Try the enchiladas, fish sticks and other dishes from the south of Spain.

There are many activities that you can partake in when visiting the island. The most popular activity in the summer months is to participate in the Tour de Montserrat. This is an organized sailing race that takes place every Friday evening from May through August. This is one of the most popular sports that you can participate in during your holiday to Montserrat and the surrounding islands.

One of the best things about Montserrat is that it has a great selection of accommodations that range from budget to luxury. You can stay in one of the traditional hotels on the island or you can look into a hotel that offers a more upscale accommodation. If you are looking to save money, you can often do so by staying in one of the budget hotels. These hotels will offer you the basics and will offer you very little in the way of personal service or any extra amenities.

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when planning your trip to Montserrat but the one thing that you must do is make sure you book well enough in advance to avoid running into problems. The earlier you plan your vacation, the more of a chance you have of getting a discount on the hotel or room rate. When you are planning your trip to the island, you should also keep in mind that there are plenty of things to do on the island. So once you get there, make sure that you explore all of the fun things that there is to do on the island.