Plan A Trip To Novi Venetian Town

Plan A Trip To Novi Venetian Town Croatia is one of the most beautiful and interesting tourist destinations in Europe. The country is small but there are a lot of things that a traveler can see and do. If you have never been to the place, you must really plan your trip to the region […]

An Amazing Trip to Velika Gorica

An Amazing Trip to Velika Gorica One of the best Croatian islands, Velika Gorica is located on the Adriatic sea, about 30 minutes south of Dubrovnik. It’s part of the Croatia tourist attraction group along with Kvarner and Vlatoria. This island is well known for its pleasant climate, excellent beaches and beautiful scenery. Many tourists […]

A Trip to Bruck an Der Mur

The lovely little town of Bruck an der Mur is located within the picturesque little village of Bruck (Saxony). This delightful little town is a part of the picturesque Alps region around the famous lake Moselland. Astragon – the name of this lake is derived from German, hence its name – means “The Stupendous Lake.” […]