An Amazing Trip to Velika Gorica

Trip to Velika Gorica

An Amazing Trip to Velika Gorica

One of the best Croatian islands, Velika Gorica is located on the Adriatic sea, about 30 minutes south of Dubrovnik. It’s part of the Croatia tourist attraction group along with Kvarner and Vlatoria. This island is well known for its pleasant climate, excellent beaches and beautiful scenery. Many tourists come to explore the island and stay for a few days.

October is the lowest month to book a resort in Velika Gorica, yet it’s still the busy time of the year. Beaches are the highest peak season, though the water remains warm for much of the year. Prices tend to be 20% cheaper than most, busier times, so this is an excellent time to take a trip to Velika Gorica. Which day is best to visit Velika Gorica in?

Beachfront hotels in Velika Gorica tend to be the most expensive on the island, with the exception of the island’s secluded beaches. The weather on the island tends to be hot in the summer, but temperate in winter. Sunday is typically the best day to visit Velika Gorica, and the island even has two small beach resorts; Hotel Dubrovnik and Hotel Zadar. There are a couple of smaller beach-resorts, but Hotel Dubrovnik is significantly more expensive, with a luxurious resort on the beach and a pool and gymnasium. Hotel Zadar is a nice place to rest on a weekend, however.

What should you do on the beach on your trip to Velika Gorica? Swimming, for example, isn’t possible, but the waters are shallow enough that you can easily walk out into the water. There are, however, a few beaches where you can snorkel and fish. The best stretches of good white sand stretch from Hotel Gorica’s main beach to Hotel Mladenovski, and then along the northern part of the island. The area between Hotel Gorica and Hotel Mladenovski is also an excellent area for surfing, and people who like this kind of sport often visit Velika Gorica to spend time sightseeing or taking pictures.

One thing that isn’t possible on the island is driving, which is why there’s another option: hiking. There are dozens of hiking paths, and they’re very easy to follow. The trails wind around the island, and they often go through beautiful scenery. The only downside is that it’s easy to become lost – especially because there are so many small villages along the way.

If you decide to take a trip to Velika Gorica, there are quite a few things you can do. You can visit the amusement park, spend the day at the spa, or try the local restaurants. Don’t forget about the local dancing, as there are many wonderful clubs on the island. Velika Gorica is certainly an amazing place to visit. You’ll find yourself quickly addicted to its charm!