Traveling to Cyprus – What Are My Costs?

Trip to Polis

Traveling to Cyprus – What Are My Costs?

The greatest appeal of a Trip toolis is that it is in the land of Cyprus, the smallest independent state in the world. The next best attraction is that it is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and has the beautiful beaches and attractive local environments to offer tourists a wide variety of activities. A short ferry ride from Piraeus, the closest major city, a traveler can reach his or her destination on the water in no time. Travel between the two cities is by ferry, so travelers can experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of this fascinating area firsthand.

The total travel time for this two day road trip is about two hours forty minutes. From the Piraeus International Airport a traveler heads southwestward along the coastline, passing through Mytilene, Calypso, and Paxos before arriving in Polis. The most convenient way to reach this coastal town is taking the light rail train that runs between Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and Polis. From there a visitor can simply take a taxi to their hotel, which is located in the center of Polis. While the train ride is pleasant and relaxing, the price of the fare makes it economically unattractive for families. The most economical way to travel between the two towns is taking a flight to Cyprus and driving to the ferry that picks up passengers from the airport.

The next easiest means of traveling between the two cities is taking a direct flight. In fact, the easiest and quickest means of travel between Polis and Nicosia is by air. The only benefit of flying directly to Nicosia is that it eliminates the need to take a ferry from Piraeus and the ability to drive to the resort from where one would fly. Traveling by plane simply requires checking in on either Athens or Brussels and then boarding a connecting flight to Polis.

Traveling by road is another option for travelers who would like to see the sights while spending some time in Cyprus. There are several road trips available that incorporate the region’s best scenery into the overall total travel time. To start with, one could choose to simply drive from Nicosia to Polis. Along the way one might stop in Kifissos, which is only thirty kilometers from Polis and is home to ancient ruins dating from the fifth and fourth centuries. Further up the road, travelers can visit Skiathos, the site of an archaeological site dating to the second century B.C.

Another option would be taking a bus or metro ride between Nicosia and Polis. This option would entail a little more travel time, but the overall total travel time would be significantly less than driving. Of course, if one is interested in seeing the sites of the coastal region beyond the main cities, one may prefer to fly. Between June and October, Tripartos International Airport in Mytilene is the closest airport to the Greek islands, and landing in Tripartos provides easy access to the rest of the region via water, train, or bus.

One can also reduce overall flight costs by choosing a package itinerary. Several tour operators and travel agents offer such packages, and one can usually book one’s trip online. Such packages include airfare, hotel accommodations, guided tours, meals, and other miscellaneous items, and allow a traveler to pay per day, per week, or per month. Travelers have the opportunity to visit the sights and sounds of the area without incurring excessive flight costs.